Local Grass and Grain Fed Beef

Grass fed steer available. Go to our grass fed page for more info.

Horseshoe Angus Ranch and Meacham Land and Cattle have partnered together to bring the consumer a great product. We have choice beef from Angus and Hereford cattle.

Our cattle are grazed on irrigated pasture throughout the spring, summer and fall, and then in the winter they graze on natural desert grasses, weather permitting.

All of our beef is hormone and steroid free.

We have one grass beef going into Bryan’s soon, 3.50/lb hanging weight. We also have one available now out of the freezer, 5.00/lb for a mixture of cuts, a minimum of half the purchase must be hamburger, click here for more info. We have 4 grain fed steers available 4.00/lb out of the freezer. Call, text or email to pick yours up today. (509)947-4106.